Seeing Sound

The first duet release from one half of the Oddyssey Quartet, with David Pate (Sam Rivers Rivbea Orchestra) and guitarist and composer Rex Shepherd (No End of Now). “Seeing Sound” features the two playing an improvised set, creating palpable musical textures using subtle harmonic and melodic ideas and developing them into intuitive conversations, “seeing” the sound of two like minds speaking with one another.



No End of Now

No End of Now is a musical collaborative led by guitarist and composer Rex Shepherd and incorporates the talents of a variety of musicians who can add a unique and lyrical voice to the music. Performing Shepherd's original compositions and improvisations with blended musical influences, the members strive to bring every ounce of energy they can to every performance of each piece, connecting with audiences to create a musical-emotional experience that leaves listeners emotionally charged and wanting more. With a fast growing fan base in the West Central Florida region and beyond, the band continues to expand its creativity and original repertoire and connect with listeners of a wide variety of musical genres. A few of the descriptions by fans include "Robin Trower meets Miles Davis," "hippie jazz," "psychedelic fusion," and "What the hell was that? That was cool." The band often will enlist any number of different instrumentalists to add to the creative musical dialogue of each performance.

John Tschirhart - bass

Upright Bass
   Rex Shepherd - Never Buy My Self Vol. II - 2013
Electric Upright Bass
   No End of Now - "Some Music We Made" - 2012
   No End of Now - "Pieces Together" - 2011
Electric Bass
  "Duets" - 2017
  "Sonority" - 2017 


Justin Wierbonski

Drummer/producer living in NYC.
   Rex Shepherd - Never Buy My Self Vol. II - 2013
Percussion and Computer
   No End of Now - "Pieces Together" - 2011